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Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Montgomery County ARES has been in existence since the early 1990's as an unincorporated organization. As a field organization of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) one of our key functions is to assist in message handling for the benefit of disaster victims following a disaster. After each disaster since, ARES has assisted thousands in affected areas get messages out of the area to loved ones to let them know that they are safe even when the telephone lines and other communications system were inoperable. We have assisted governmental agencies with their communications when systems failed following hurricanes, tropical storms, and other widespread disasters. We have assisted non-governmental agencies such as the Red Cross, United Way, The Food Bank, and many other relief organizations when the communications infrastructures were down in the aftermath of disasters. Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Service is comprised of all volunteer, federally licensed amateur radio operators with a desire to lend their talents and time to those in need, whether it be governments agencies, disaster relief agencies, or individuals who have lost everything in the wake of a disaster. In February of 2012 we decided that incorporating and becoming a qualified charitable organization was the path to providing the most assistance to those in need. In June that became a reality. Montgomery County ARES is now a fully qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
When All Else Fails!
We provide the last mile of communication between the various volunteer agencies in Montgomery County. We also provide communications from disaster victims to their families even when the communications infrastructure is completely inoperative. In preparation for disasters we provide licensing, education, continuing education, and communication consulting to volunteer agencies and community organizations.
We were there during Katrina, sending thousands of message to loved ones with news of their family.
We were there for Rita, supplying communications for pod sites and shelters.
We were there for Ike, backing up public safety communications and providing communications for recovery efforts.
And we will be there the next time you see this...